Top 3 Best Spring Break Destinations in Florida

The tanktop-and-sandals people of the sunshine state have heard rumours of a season called 'Winter'. While they have never experienced the hardships of cold crisp air, dismal rain and successive downfalls of snow, they send their condolences to their Northern friends.

They may not know much about the cold weather, but they are experts on the sunshine. With surf, sun and sand to spare, it's no surprise that Florida has become one of the nation's most beloved spring break vacation destinations. It's beautiful landscape is appropriate for both students, couples and families alike - enabling you to take a break from the cooler temperatures and soak up some rays on the sandy shores.

Gulf of Mexico view from rental
Florida vacation rentals near the beach
Beach chairs and umbrella

And, isn't it fitting that as you snowbirds in the Midwest, the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains are eager for some vitamin D, Florida prepares to host thousands of vacationers to the picturesque shores this spring break? While the rain patters against your windows as the grey clouds drift with unnatural slowness, check out the top 3 spring break destinations in Florida.

1) Siesta Key, Florida

For the Students...

From the beaches to the breweries, Siesta Key invites vacationers to step into the light...the sunlight that is, as this Gulf Coast paradise has plenty of it to go around; particularly over the spring break season.

Siesta Key ensures that a spring break vacation consists of more than just an appetising aperol or margarita, home to the #1 beach in America - renowned for its powdery white sand and incandescent waters. A perfect place to luxuriate during the mid-term break (free from exam stress).

A nod to its namesake, Siesta Key beaches are an invitation to ultimate rejuvenation, perfect for those sunseekers to relax and unwind under the awaited sunshine. It is the white quartz sand which is the piece de resistance here, which gets its share of action at the beach volleyball nets as well as the frisbee and picnic parties spots.

Siesta Key beach
Bridge to Siesta Key in the evening
Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

In the evening, this beach transforms into a social hub of exhilaration - hosting one of the most popular events on the tropical island, 'Siesta Key Drum Circle'. You can enjoy live music and instruments here alongside fellow students, who celebrate in unison on the beach.

There is always something going on in Siesta, with the daytime vibes competing with the hustle and bustle of the nightlife in Siesta Key Village; an additional perk to the sun, salt and drum circle jams you'll observe on the beach. You can find yourself stumbling across quaint souvenir shops and cute beach bars - where an hour turns into several as you enjoy your vacation amidst fellow excited vacationers. Every single one of them happy to be soaking up the sunshine.

With bars like Daiquiri Deck and Beach Club presenting a lively afternoon ambience, Siesta's tropical amenities provide the perfect backdrop to drink your bloody mary and celebrate the stress free atmosphere. With stunning coastlines, outdoor activities and guaranteed sunshine, it really comes with no surprise that Siesta Key is a notable Spring Break destination. Especially for you snowbirds eager to ditch your ski boots for ones more seasonally appropriate and finally soak up the sunshine after the tiresome months of cold temperatures and consistent rain.

Indeed, Emerald Kites vacation rentals ensures that the entire friendship group can stay together in one of our luxury condominiums, located within walking distance from the shores. All of these rentals feature local, on the ground agents to help you during your vacation, giving you the full-scoop of the best places to visit.

There really is no better destination to spend during your spring break vacation.

2) Sanibel Island

For Couples...

Step into the inviting warmth of Sanibel Island.

An antidote to the lively Siesta Key spring break adventures, Sanibel Island consists of secluded stretches of pure white sands and coastal charm. Here, you can enjoy a more relaxed and slow-paced style of living. Perfect for those wanted to unwind this spring break.

Aerial view of Sanibel Island Florida
Vacation rental on Sanibel Island Florida

Soak up the sun and immerse yourself into the Gulf of Mexico's warming waters, while dining beachfront al fresco-style at renowned restaurants Sunset Grill and Gramma Dot's Seaside Saloon: suitable for those with a desire for reposeful relaxation.

The Island's sandy beaches are the main attraction for most - and not just due to the long stretches of white sand and rolls of surf crashing the shores. Bowman's beach is Sanibel's most popular destination, known for its intimate feel and pristine coastline - unspoilt and far removed from your stereotypical commercial getaway.

Beaches on Sanibel Island Florida
Beach view on Sanibel Island Florida

Here, you are blissfully in awe by your surrounding scenery - so transient and tranquil that you feel as if you have the entire island to yourself.

Away from the shores, you can rent a bike or scooter to explore the island alongside your loved ones. Imagine the gentle seaside breeze glazing through your hair as you cycle amidst the long-stretch of emerald waters.

The unspoilt beauty in this secluded paradise is unparalleled to any vacation spot along the Gulf Coast. Commercialised restaurants are not an option here. Instead, quaint, charming local restaurants and cafes flood the shores, hosting vacationers with succulent, seasonal dishes to satisfy your tastebuds.

Try the islands culinary favourites Sunset Grill and Gramma Dot's Seaside Saloon for some afternoon margaritas and fresh catch of the day. Afterwards, top off your hazy spring break experience by dipping a toe into laid-back paddleboard adventures before admiring the abundant wildlife at J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, open all year round.

All of this is just footsteps away from your luxury vacation rentals, which feature modern interior and floor-to-ceiling glass windows - providing the best buena vista the gulf coast has to offer. Living here is truly euphoric.

Indeed, if you are seeking high-end luxury vacation living, with your own private pool overlooking the sandy shores, then our Sanibel Island vacation rentals are a needs must this spring break.

Sanibel Island Florida vacation rental
Sanibel Island Florida vacation rental
Sanibel Island Florida vacation rental

3) Naples

For the Family To Enjoy...

Non-stop working been getting you down?... Enter the super-relaxed ambience of Naples.

When it comes to choosing a spring break destination, few places offer the complete package for everyone: family-friendly activities, adventures for water-enthusiasts and ultimate relaxation for the stressed mum or college student. Indeed, Naples provides a slice of surprise for everyone fortunate enough to visit.

Vacation rental in Naples Florida
Vacation rental in Naples Florida

If you're a beach connoisseurs, you know only too well that no beach is equal. The best beaches are those where you can luxuriate on the sand and comfortably dip your toes into the sea. A description which perfectly embodies Naples beaches. Here, winding down and chilling out on beautiful shores is second nature, with many vacationers squeezing every last drop of the sunshine before heading back to their luxury vacation rentals.

On the waters, adrenaline junkies are welcomed with open arms in Naples. From parasailing to chartering a salt island seaplane, you can observe breathtaking sights from above. Explore the Everglades, mangrove forests, and estuaries from your kayak, boat or jet ski, where you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the islands beautiful wildlife creatures: manatees, dolphins, exotic birds and crocodiles to name a few.

Aerial view of vacation rental in Naples Florida
Vacation rental pool in Naples Florida

This architectural paradise provides endless sophisticated appeal in this stretch of coastline. Luxury shopping excursions and exclusive antique shops are blue ribbon activities also available on the agenda - helping you boost your spring break closet.

Afterwards, rent a bike to explore historic Naples Pier. Visit the Farmer's market for some healthy local dishes, or even grab some award-winning homemade ice cream at royal scoop - perfect to quench your thirst after a hot day under the Floridian sunshine.

Naples truly is an exciting hub for family adventures, intertwining luxury living, seaside rejuvenation and family-friendly excitement. Naples is perfect for some Spring Break time off. And, family bonding has never been more appreciated than in this Gulf Coast paradise.

Naples Florida vacation rental
Naples Florida vacation rental
Naples Florida vacation rental

Are you in need of a luxury vacation experience this spring break? Emerald Kite can provide just that. Whether you are looking for an electric atmosphere, a peaceful getaway, or an exciting adventure with your loved ones, Emerald Kite has something for everyone. All our luxury vacation rentals are privately owned and professional managed to cater to your every needs. Call one of our local agents today to experience an unforgettable spring break vacation.

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