About Emerald Kite

Redefining the Vacation Rental Experience

When searching for a vacation rental property, it's hard to find listings that meet your criteria. And even when you do, information and photos are often misleading. The process can be lengthy, tiring, and risky - in fact, most people visit an average of 10 sites and spend hours searching before they begin to narrow down properties that meet their needs.

At Emerald Kite, we believe that booking a vacation rental property should be as pleasant as a vacation itself. We've redefined the luxury rental experience, offering you the personalized service, local knowledge, and extensive options you need to make your entire stay a success.

Premier Locations

Whether you're looking for a private luxury vacation estate or a resort-town condo, we offer thousands of handpicked properties in the world's most sought-after locations. How do we do it? We've spent years building and maintaining strong relationships with highly regarded vacation management companies, allowing us to showcase the very best vacation rental homes, condos, and villas.

Exacting Standards

All properties are professionally managed and privately owned. In order for a property to be included in our portfolio, it must be vetted through a rigorous screening process. We take a range of factors into account, including location, quality of accommodations, access to amenities, and the reputation and responsiveness of the management company. When a property fails to meet our standards - or fails to adhere to them over time - we exclude it from our portfolio. We are considered the “overseer” of the vacation rental market, as we are the one company that can be truly objective about a property.

Superior Search Capability

Our proprietary system enables our agents to conduct an instant search of thousands of pre-screened vacation rental homes and condos that meet your criteria (including travel dates, locations, and special needs). This unique availability search system saves our clients hours of time-consuming, tedious searching. When we search for your ideal property, we consider all members of the family so everyone has an incredible time.

Dedicated Agents

Just as we have exacting standards of our properties, we have high expectations of our agents. From your very first call through the last day of your stay, your agent acts as a personal advocate and adviser. Whether you're experiencing an issue with your property or simply need a restaurant recommendation, your agent will respond to your needs in a timely manner.

Extensive Local Knowledge

In addition to being responsive and highly service-oriented, our agents have extensive local knowledge. They live (or have lived in) the areas they represent, so wherever you choose to stay, you'll have the advantage of an insider's perspective. From the best local restaurants to seasonal events and more, your agent is always eager to share what's happening in your area.

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