To Rent or Not to Rent? Top 5 Reasons to Use a Vacation Rental

Why are vacation rentals better than hotels?

Are you sick of being misled by hotel pictures, which depict beautiful azure views only for you to arrive and see the tops of neighbouring decrepit buildings. Or even sharing facilities with hundreds of people, lacking the desired personal and dedicated space a holiday should entail. With travel becoming an increasingly booming business, the vacation rental industry has skyrocketed over the last few years and shows no real signs of slowing down. Vacation-makers are booking longer trips, spending more money and travelling further away to find their desired destinations.

So this then begs the question, why choose a vacation rental over a hotel?

Captiva Island Rental in Florida

Vacation rentals are a convenient and flexible solution to hotel living.

While you cannot directly pick the location or the amenities you will need when booking a hotel room, you can select a vacation home in close proximity to everything you should require.

If you don't mind sharing outdoor amenities and prefer high-rise accommodation, there's a rental condo. If you are seeking somewhere exclusive, with all the luxury amenities at your disposal, there's a private rental home. Or if you applaud tranquil retreats in close proximity to the emerald green waters and powdery sand, then a rental home with private beach and pool access is also a viable option.

So, whether you want to be in the midst of the action or at the outskirts, there's a rental readily available for your every needs.

Cape Coral Rental

Feel like a local, live like a local

Vacation rentals provide all the luxury facilities of home, but abroad.

Most holiday accommodation options are modern and follow a standard look, however, they never truly feel homely. Vacation rentals offer anything in the way of an authentic experience, moving away from this 'standard' model in a hotel so that you get to know the local way of life in a luxurious setting. Seek some seaside sanctuary at Marco Island, where upon entering your residence you will be awed by the endless beautiful floors, soaring ceilings, tasteful accents, custom lighting, and a chic coastal modern design. Marvel at the Maui Seaside estate, where immediately after stepping inside you'll admire the beautiful etched glass front doors, remarkable lava rock waterfall, floor to ceiling glass panel doors, elegant Brazilian hardwood floors and scenic views of the ocean; a short but sweet snippet of the beautiful polynesian culture. The best part? Many of these private homes have full and exclusive access to local activities and amusement spots, immersing you in a new, exciting culture for your vacation experience.

Equipped with up-scale kitchen utensils, washing machines and dryers, many vacation rentals are also filled with all the necessities of home. The kitchen is one of the most appreciated services when on vacation. This allows guests to cook lunches and dinners instead of having to eat in a restaurant for every single meal. Besides saving money, this option is extremely useful when traveling with kids, as you can ensure they will eat what you prepare, while sitting around the dinner table and spending some quality time together. Travel Hint: convenient appliances like washing machines may be admirable, but the washing up certainly isn’t. When you book with Emerald kite, all our homes are professionally managed featuring maintenance and cleaning services to ensure your stay is highly personalised and stress-free.

Anna Maria Island Rental Interior


If there is one thing that every traveler desires, it's privacy. And with travelling, it is not always easy to find. Vacation rentals are different in this respect. A private beachfront home or mountain chalet ensures that you are away from the hustle and bustle of commercialised chaos and prying eyes.

We all know too well that excessive crowds brimming with people in every crevice of a hotel is the most infuriating part of any vacation. The burden of utilising hotel facilities can become draining for the most part, squeezing through the swarms of people in the pool or laboriously waiting in line to use the treadmill at the gym. With a vacation rental, you can safeguard yourself from the crowds and the ruinage of your time spent abroad, whilst still being treated to all the luxury trimmings - with hot tubs, infinity pools and saunas at your disposal. Imagine waking up to the tranquil sound of waves crashing against the shores as you glide through your rental home in your comfiest pyjamas. Then seamlessly strolling to your padded sunbed, free from the hassle of hustling to get one at ungodly hours in the morning. Want to swim? You have it all to yourself! Want to dine in peace? You can at your very own dining area! With a luxury vacation rental, your stay is always harmonious and uninterrupted by eager vacation-makers - making you appreciate the precious moments you have away from the stresses of everyday life.

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Good for Both a Short or Long Stay

Vacation rentals are the best and most viable option for either a short or extended stay when you are abroad. If you want to book a short trip to Colorado to slalom down the slopes - then a Luxury Mountain Homes with Ski-In Ski Out, Hot Tubs and Staff are readily available. If you prefer a Cozy Condo with walk to lift option and a private pool, then this is also an option.

When staying in a hotel for extended periods of time, it tends to get a little uncomfortable. A lack of facilities to cook food means eating out every night; a damaging proposition to anyone's finances. With master suites, bedrooms and luxury contemporary designs inside and outside in all of our vacation homes, you can recline in reposeful relaxation for your month long stay in a vacation rental. Emerald Kite's homes are privately owned and professionally managed, with our highly-experienced agents able to squeeze you in a slot at whatever dates suit your preferences. Whether it is a three day escapade or a seven week skedaddle, we can ensure that your vacation lives up to the highest expectations.

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Group Travel

Florida vacation rental pool

The way families get together over the holidays or for special occasions is shifting. A space that was once dominated by hotels and resorts has now veered toward luxury vacation rentals - and it's not hard to see why. The average hotel room is well under 400 square feet, compared to the average vacation rental at 2,000 square feet. With all this space, a vacation rental ensures that large groups of people will not be split up. You can choose a vacation rental house with multiple rooms so that everyone will have the chance to live comfortably, bonding with your friends and family all under the same roof.

Seek some family adventures in Destin with stunning eight bedroom homes, with almost 5,000 square feet of luxury living space perfect for large groups or multiple families vacationing together. Or explore the charming residences in Siesta Key, situated just a short walk from the world-class beaches, comfortably accommodating six guests. There are endless options for large groups when staying in a vacation rental, safeguarding you from the costly, time-consuming booking procedures associated with hotel living.

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