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Siesta Keys local destination agent reveals all -

Working as a local destination agent in Florida, I have access to some of the most fabulous vacation destinations. Whilst neighbouring Longboat and Lido Key have their quite obvious desirable appeal, for me, Siesta Key will always be my favourite location.

Surrounded by bright blue waters, crystalline sands, and some of the best buena vistas the Gulf Coast has to offer, it's no secret that Siesta Key is one of the most spectacular places on the planet, and one which has truly etched a place in my heart.

Siesta Key Florida BeachSiesta Key Beach

Each year, this tropical paradise boasts a rich tapestry of families, couples and teenagers alike - waiting with bated breath to luxuriate at North America's best beach. And with home-from-home style luxury condominiums providing the perfect slice of seaside sanctuary - it's no wonder thousands of people are attracted to this utopia every year.

So whether you're a first time traveller or a frequent explorer of this alluring Island, here's why I love Siesta Key.

1) The Best Beaches in the World

Siesta Key Florida BeachSiesta Key Beach

Characterized by its long-stretches of white quartz sand, crystal clear shores and incandescent waves, Siesta Key Beach is perfect for those with a desire for reposeful relaxation.

Officially ranked the 'the finest, whitest sand beach in the world' - and it's not hard to see why, Siesta beach provides the perfect backdrop for basking in the Floridian sunshine or taking long morning walks on the unblemished seafront (and I mean long - from Siesta Dunes to the tip of the beach is 1.5 hours return trip). Indeed, even in the warmest of temperatures you can sink your toes into the pure white quartz - unburdened by the burning of feet, as it's unique combination remains cool all year-round.

However, the distinctive factor of this beach for me is its palpable energy. Whether you're fixated by the thought of relaxation and sunkissed skin, or are seeking some seaside adventure, Siesta Key has it all - perfect for water enthusiasts and land lovers alike. Frisbee throwing, picnic parties and exuberant water activities are frequent sightings here, which compete with the bliss of simply floating in the clear, calm waters of the gulf.

Siesta Key ParasailingSiesta Key Beach Sports Activities
Siesta Key Florida Beach SunsetSiesta Key Beach Sunsets

Travellers tip: make sure to bring your portable speakers for when the sunshine sets. The soft ambience of music sublimely set against the unspoiled azure seaside views is enough to send shivers down your spine. I often catch a glimpse of wedding photographers, couples, families and teenagers packing up for the day, as the last of the blistering sunshine pierces through the sky (p.s. It certainly makes for an impressive instagram post).

2) Something for Everyone

A trip to Siesta Key is never boring. If you’re not making friends with locals or fellow vacationers, exploring this coastal caprice, or sipping on a cold, crisp alcoholic beverage, you'll find yourself completely captivated by the life and laughter pulsating from every corner of the Island. And these good vibes are found everywhere you go.

At night, parents can drop their teens off explore the island with their friends in both the summer, winter and spring break seasons. Meanwhile, families and couples can relax and unwind to the ocean breezes at either the North or South village on the Island - attached by a 2.7 mile-long bridge: both melting pots for locally sourced restaurants, bars and boutiques.

You can tantalise your tastebuds with the farm-to-table service at 'the cottage', which has a sharp focus on inventive, seasonal cuisine from around the world; utilising local farms and sustainable meats and seafood. Afterwards, be tempted by a key lime martini at the Crescent bar, where bartender Hazel will cook you up a storm and keep your palate cleansed for the entire evening.

Siesta Key Florida BridgeSiesta Key Bridge - Connecting South and North Village
Siesta Key Golf Cart TaxiGolf Cart Taxi

3) Getting around Siesta Key

Between all of the exciting activities, Siesta Key's transportation options are budget-friendly and extremely convenient. The breeze trolley or Jonny's free dial taxi services are readily available to take you to and from your vacation rental to the village centre - both of which are renowned for their friendly staff members and extreme reliability.

Alternatively, my preferred choice of transport is via a free golf cart around this quirky coastal village, which provides a more intimate and exciting experience exploring the gulf island - costing only a buck or two for tips!

My only objection to the vehicle system here - traffic delays, which tend to be synonymous to the summer and spring break seasons. Although, when the transport is non-meter measured and thus free of charge, slight hold ups don’t feel anywhere near as frustrating.

4) Luxury Accomodation

Have you ever dreamt of spending your lazy mornings entwined between the sheets, gazing out to the shimmering blue ocean. Or staying in a vacation rental which features contemporary furniture with floor-to-ceiling glass windows blurring the boundary between inside and out - providing the best buena vista the gulf coast has to offer. Well this is a reality in Siesta Key.

However, if you're looking for beachfront rentals with a private swim up pool and bar based directly on the quartz, then Siesta is not the spot for you. But, if you're an enthusiast of luxury rentals and condominiums with top of the range facilities, housing large groups of individuals eager for some vacation fun - then Siesta Key and Emerald Kite perfectly complements your every need.

All of the homes I deal with in Siesta Key have been carefully hand-picked by the owners themselves, with only those containing up-scale and alluring architecture chosen to rent. So, you can rest assured knowing that each vacation home ownership has been 100% verified and guaranteed.

Our vacation homes provide the perfect home-from-home feel, with modern yet homely interior design all in walking distance to the award-winning beaches and powdery-stretch of gulf. And whilst evenings out are a vacation perk, cookers and ovens also provide the opportunity to relax indoors and enjoy some home-made meals with family, friends or significant others.

Moreover, as Siesta Key is currently undergoing renovations, the advantages of booking with local agents is that we have first hand knowledge of where construction will be taking place - information only agents on the ground have access to. Now imagine waking up to the sound of contractors drilling at 6am. With Emerald Kite, we will ensure this is not a viable option.

So, contrary to previous misconceptions that Siesta Key is a vacation destination solely for retirees, many of my clients range from all ages and demographics - all of which depart this island yearning to stay. Heck, it's the reason I will never leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How far is Siesta Key from Sarasota?
A: It's a 12 minutes drive

Q: What airport do you use for Siesta Key Florida?
A: Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport is the closest

Q: How far is Sarasota Airport from Siesta Key?
A: 11 miles, which is approximately 12 minutes to drive

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