The Key To a Perfect Vacation: Longboat Key

How to make the most out of your Couple's Vacation

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, sometimes a romantic getaway is exactly what you and your partner need to relax, rekindle and rejuvenate. In most cases, a remote tropical island is an attractive destination for couples, spending time alone off the beaten track and away from the stresses of everyday life.

In relationships we may often forget to cherish quality time spent together with our increasingly busy schedules. That's why a couple's romantic getaway is a necessity for your next vacation, in order for you and your partner to relight your relationship and remain effortlessly connected to one another. And what better way to do so then on a beautiful strip of Gulf paradise, Longboat Key, protected from the hustle and bustle of commercialised chaos for your own slice of seaside sanctuary.

We've broken down our top tips for you to relax in this tropical paradise, so you can prepare ahead of your break and enjoy your couple's getaway to its full potential.

Longboat Key Beach Decking

Remember to Relax

Situated between Sarasota and Manatee Counties, this South Central Gulf Coast paradise offers an elegant and scenic environment for each vacation-goer. With the majority of its 6,000 residents newly retirees who enjoy the island's championship golf course, tennis club and luxurious shopping and dining excursions - Longboat Key provides a rare combination of breathtaking beaches and cultural activities - all within a relaxed and elegant lifestyle.

It’s natural for couples to bicker over the small things from time to time, whether that be who's doing the cleaning, gardening, or picking up the kids. A vacation presents us with the perfect opportunity to escape the problems presented to us in everyday life, allowing us to focus on reconnecting with our partner and to enjoy each other’s company in a quiet, stress-free environment.

Alongside simply sitting back and enjoying the natural beauty of Longboat Key itself, exploring the exceptional beaches can be the perfect way to both unwind and rekindle that special connection with your significant other. Immerse yourself in the tranquil emerald green waters, as you settle into the rhythms of the incandescent waves. Sink your toes into the white sand and feel the radiating sun-kissed breeze against your skin.

Indeed, the tranquility of Longboat's coast is designed for those seeking reposeful relaxation. Unlike neighbouring Siesta Key and Sarasota, this upscale island offers blue-ribbon service for each guest, with cushioned loungers and exclusive beach club access making for an exemplary setting for you and your partner to relax and recline together. This remote barrier island is far removed from the commotion of your prototypical Floridian getaway, with the peaceful ambience enabling you to lavishly luxuriate in a five-star setting.

Longboat Key Beach

Take Advantage of Longboat Key's Amazing Activities

While Longboat Key is the quiet neighbor to the hustle and bustle of Lido Key and St. Armand's Circle, there are surplus romantic and exciting excursions to be done in this beautiful strip along the Gulf.

A Couple's Vacation presents you and your significant other with the chance to undertake diversified activities, which nudge you to work as a team and make new memories together, while also embarking on an adventure. And, Longboat Key is the desired breeding ground in order to do so.

Spend quality time together over luxury spa treatments at Sarasota Spa, featuring 10 tranquil treatments tailored around both of your personal preferences, so you feel utterly relaxed during your stay. It's the perfect Island-inspired sanctuary created for the pleasures of your own personal well-being.

If fitness is something you both enjoy, work together on a fitness adventure. It seems that the healthy and fresh island aura of Longboat Key inspires its residents to lead an active lifestyle, with many favouring outdoor activities designed to make you break up a sweat. Strike up a game of tennis at the Cedar's Tennis Resort, equipped with an Olympic-sized swimming pool for a nice post-game cool down. Alternatively, if bicycling is more your style of play, there are excellent bike paths throughout Longboat Key, with generous views of the Gulf's natural outline and luxurious resorts.

Couples at Longboat Key

Eliminate Distractions with a Digital Detox

A couple's vacation is all about exploring and sharing new experiences together, and as tempting as it can be to take a picture of every adventure you embark on, it's important to live in the present and immerse yourself in the vacation. And, there's something about the islands isolated, unspoilt and pristine environment that captures your attention, making it easy to switch off from the outside world.

What this manicured island lacks in space, it makes up for in romantic and exhilarating activities for couples to enjoy. Horseback riding through the emerald waters presents the perfect digital detox, enabling a comfortable silence to fall over you and your partner as you stare out at the azure views of the gulf. Indeed, Longboat Key's picturesque setting gives way to some breathtaking views.

Afterwards, visit the island's deluxe eateries that are perfectly positioned to take in the captivating views. Located on the northern end of the beach, the Bayou Tavern impresses guests with its waterfront views, enjoyable from both the indoor and patio dining areas with a food selection of classic authentic Italian dishes and pizzas.

Put your phone down and visit the finest and most romantic restaurants in the country — Euphemia Haye, where you and your partner can engage with one another and indulge over the locally sourced and mouthwateringly tasty entrees - farm to table style dining. Treat yourself with the prime peppered steak or pistachio-crusted snapper or even the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp – each dishes desired outcome to make your tastebuds dance with delight.

The quaint, quiet and charming nature of Longboat Key makes you feel as if you have the whole island to yourself. It's easy to feel as if you are worlds away from reality when stepping foot on this gulf paradise. And we suggest to switch off and take in its beauty as best as you can for the ultimate soothing vacation experience.

HorseBack Riding

Book a Vacation Rental

If you and your significant other love to live in luxury, you may want to book a vacation rental in Longboat Key for your next couples weekend retreat. Luckily, a wide range of rentals await you - from walk out beachfront vacation rentals to modern luxury vacation homes with all the amenities.

New vacation designs are created using South Beach flair, resulting in comfortably modern furnishings and decorations. Located directly on the beach, many luxury homes feature beautiful Gulf-front views, which means you are only steps from the white-sand beaches and placid turquoise waters and memorable sunsets that will have you daydreaming about your next beach vacation month after month.

Longboat Key is known for its leisure days spent strolling the beaches or biking down the island. As a barrier island to the town known as the area's "cultural capital", an assortment of entertainment options can be found across the gulf - all in close proximity to your luxury vacation rental. It's your own slice of seaside sanctuary away from the outside world.

And with Emerald Kite, each home is professionally managed and privately owned, with 24/7 maintenance to ensure your stay is highly personalised and luxurious for both you and your significant other. It's the perfect setting for an intimate getaway, with memories and activities that will last a lifetime and reignite a flame for you and your partner.

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