Manic Mum's Guide to Thanksgiving: South Central Gulf Coast

The holidays are fast approaching, and so is the mayhem.

With all the family together to celebrate the end of the harvest, Thanksgiving tends to be synonymous to stress - particularly if you're at the culinary helm having to accommodate to your vegan sister, vegetarian niece and your demanding mother-in-law (who dislikes everything you cook). Or even having to safeguard your relatives from engaging in tense conversations which cultivate a hotbed of discontent in the household, likely to provoke an argument just in time for the turkey to be carved.

For many, Thanksgiving is a tinderbox of family-related stress.

Siesta Key Florida BeachSiesta Key Beach

Therefore, it may be time to consider switching your dreary, dismal scenery to your own slice of seaside sanctuary. Indeed, nothing quite screams crisis management like staring out at the azure views, basking in the sizzling heat and being surrounded by your loved ones in a tropical location that's only a hop, skip and jump away from your doorstep. And with a growing number of vacationers visiting the South Central Gulf Coast's luxury vacation rentals each holiday, here's why this paradise is perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations.

1) Spacious Luxury Vacation Rentals for the Entire Family

As there is a high demand for travel and accommodation during this time of year, hotels may be fully booked, overpriced and unable to accomodate the entire family. However, the majority of locations in the South Central Gulf Coast boast a wealth of luxury beachfront vacation rentals sleeping 12, 14 or even 16 guests - alleviating the inconvenience of booking separate rooms for each individual family member.

With sizeable properties comes expansive, multidisciplinary kitchens, featuring top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry and polished granite counters - an exemplary setting to cook the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Pair this with an impressive formal dining area located in close proximity to the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the emerald green waters, and you make for the most memorable Thanksgiving the family will forever treasure.

2) Catering and Personal Assistance

Nothing quite encapsulates Thanksgiving festivities like a wholesome turkey dinner. And, true to mother's form - from the centerpiece turkey to the smallest slice of veg - everything is meticulously planned with careful consideration for each family member.

Whilst you may think a perfect Thanksgiving dinner is a near impossible endeavour when on vacation - particularly if you're traveling from out of town and don't have time to buy supplies in an unfamiliar area - you would in fact be incorrect. South Central Gulf Coasts' luxury vacation rentals not only host surplus luxury amenities, but feature 24/7 assistance from a local agent who possess a deep knowledge of each vacation destination.

All food supplies can be pre-ordered before your arrival - catering to everyone's dietary needs and even catered for you on Thanksgiving day. In the meantime you can relax and unwind under the beautiful Floridian sunshine.

Anna Maria Island SunsetAnna Maria Island Sunset
Siesta Key Florida BeachSiesta Key Beach

3) Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Ultimately, it is the physical infrastructure of this region which truly makes it tick. Sandy beaches, reliable year-round sunshine and incandescent waters are emblematic of these vacation destinations - which unbeknownst to you, makes the most incredible Thanksgiving.

Indeed, The South Central Gulf Coast hosts a wealth of family excursions for some unforgettable thanksgiving fun, suitable for all ages and pocket sizes.

Naples: If you're in Naples, you're in for a treat. On Thanksgiving morning, you can take the kids to the Li'l Gobbler Dash, One-mile Fun Walk/Run, and Gobble Gobble Four-Miler at the Village Shops on Venetian Bay. Later, share a special evening with the family on a Thanksgiving Sunset Dolphin and Wildlife Cruise at Adventures in Paradise, featuring live music, gorgeous views, and bountiful bonding with the family.

Marco Island: Similarly, have you ever considered ditching the lengthy and stressful dinner preparations entirely and instead making the relaxing and laidback choice by going out for your Thanksgiving meal?

Imagine soaring through the tranquil waters with a gentle ambience in the background, whilst the last of the sizzling sunshine pierces through the skies. Well, Marco Island Princess Thanksgiving Cruise takes you and your family to watch the beautiful sunset on the shores, fully prepped with a delicious turkey buffet served on board by the Cruises' friendly and accommodating staff.

4) Black Friday Options

After the turkey's been devoured and the family-bonding is complete - it's time for Black Friday which may go one of two ways.

If you want to escape the madness of the manic Black Friday panic - Longboat Key and Sanibel provide a more tranquil perspective of the Florida Keys, sensationally 'secluded' in the best possible way. Vacation-makers don't come here for amusements or nightlife or even extensive shop-till-you-drop excursions. Here, it's about taking the time to rekindle with your loved ones and spending some quality time together in their luxury beachfront vacation rental.

Shopping MallShopping Mall

Alternatively, if you're looking to strike a deal on the largest commercial discount day of the year, destinations like Sarasota are sensational for shopping sprees. For your teenagers, Westfield Sarasota Square is a popular destination, whether you're looking to mince at the make-up counter at Macy's, strike a deal at payless or snag some sporting wear at Victoria's Secret - Westfield has it all. Conversely, for you mother's, Westfield South Gate is home to big hitters like Sak's Fifth Avenue, Dillard's and Mac, where you are bound to find something new for your closest - and hopefully with a discount. Afterwards, treat yourself for some ice cream at the many parlors located around the malls to cool down from the shop-til-you-drop adventure: sprinkles, sauces and surplus flavours readily available at your command.

On the other hand, you could scrape this entirely and shop online whilst lavishly luxuriating at your vacation rental - all stocked with wifi so you can stay connected whilst simultaneously disconnecting from reality.

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