8 Essential Things to Pack for Maui

Maui, a tropical paradise and playground for the wealthy, features an assortment of luxurious vacation rentals, breathtakingly beautiful beaches and painstakingly attractive amenities for every vacationer fortunate enough to visit. From waterfalls, natural volcanoes and ever blooming tropical flowers, Maui is a breath of fresh air for the vacationer eager for a wholesome adventure. So, if you're considering booking a trip to this arcadia of brimming life and culture, then here is all you need to pack to truly enjoy the magnificence of Maui...

Aerial view of Maui and its beaches

1) Sun-tan lotion

Although this seems fairly commonplace, it's important to remember that the weather in Maui is consistently sunny throughout the year, so sun-tan lotion is a suitcase essential for your trip to this tropical paradise. In fact, even in the thick of the "cold" winter months, tropical flowers flourish with blooms and the sun sizzles in the horizon. Make sure your skin is protected at all costs so you stay sun-kissed and sun-burn free.

Maui Hawaii waterfall

2) Rash guard

Following on from my previous point, a rash guard is a must for a Maui adventure. There’s nothing worse than packing tight, body-hugging garments when you are wet; a frustration exacerbated by a stinging sunburn. Imagine the burning inflammation of skin constantly chafing against your clothing items as you go exploring the beauty of the island. That's why a rashguard is one of the most essential items to pack for Hawaii.

The Hawaiian sun can be fairly intense, so no matter how resistent your skin is to the UV rays, the ocean waves combined with the pacific sunshine is sure to leave an impression on your skin. A rash guard will safeguard you from this eventuality - keeping high-risk areas such as your shoulders free from the scorching rays. Even if you do manage to upset your skin, a rash guard is a comfortable solution to sunburn, with their soft materials alleviating the potential chafing problems associated with rough or figure hugging fabrics like denim.

3) Gorgeous Dress

It would be rude not to include a gorgeous cocktail dress in your Maui suitcase. Inevitably, after soaking up the sunshine in the day, a refreshing beverage is urgently required in the evening. And you want to look the part, right? A strappy, comfortable and colourful summer dress is all you need; the perfect combination to a glowing, healthy tan. Many cocktail dresses can also be easily folded in your suitcase without creasing the fabric, meaning you can look and feel fabulous for your holiday night out. P.S. if you really want to fit in with the locals, floral gowns are the way to go - particularly when complemented by a tropical island backdrop.

4) Portable Phone Charger

With the extensive list of Maui adventures on the agenda, you’ll want to ensure all your electrical appliances are charged and ready for the action. Imagine your children are catching their first ever wave and you want to cement the memory with a picture to go in the holiday album, only to discover its out of charge? Well, a lipstick sized charger is highly recommended to ensure all the exciting moments are captured and remembered for years to come.

5) Travel Beach Bag

You'll soon discover that Maui has an abundance of beautiful, unspoilt beach spots - many of which are remote and out the site of commercialised chaos. This ultimately presents an authentic and natural perspective of Hawaii, away from the prototypical beach spots filled with vacation-makers and surf-bums. However, if you want the bona fide experience - you have to pay the price. This means hiking to nearby eateries and snack areas are not necessarily the easiest trails. We therefore recommend that you pack a mesh beach bag for your exciting excursions on this polynesian utopia. Travel bags can be nice and compact and feature coolers inside so that you can carry food and drinks on your days out. Simply pack all your spare clothes as well as your food and drinks and go discover the hidden gems that Maui has to offer...

6) Reef Flip Flops

Unless you’ve got the multi-purpose sandals, your vacation packing list has to include a pair of flip-flops. It’s just non-negotiable when you’re deciding what to pack for a trip to Maui. Maui has rocky terrain, meaning flip flops for wandering around are essential to protect the soles of your feet. And comfortable, happy feet are a top priority when in Hawaii to ensure you can enjoy all of the hiking adventures available here. Reef flip-flops are also extremely comfortable, water-friendly and durable, so you can stay active on the beach all day long.

7) Maui Travellers Guide

If you want insight into the polynesian culture and languages, maps to hidden gems and hints and ideas for activities to enjoy while you're there, then a travellers guide to Maui is a must. It's always overwhelming when travelling to a new location with limited time only to immerse yourself into the destinations most beloved spots! In fact, seeing the beautiful sights are, in most cases, of the utmost importance to many vacationers. But it's not always easy to know where to go. Thus, a travellers guide provides extensive insight into your chosen vacation destination - whether it be trekking the road to Hana or dancing at the Old Lahaina Luau - the guide has it all so you never miss a thing.

8) Your Wetsuit

Besides from the old lahaina luau, nothing quite encapsulates Hawaii like a good old surfing session. Here, surfing is right of passage surfing and a favourite pastime for many locals. It would certainly be rude not to attend at least one surfing lesson when on vacation here, and with crashing waves and crystal clear shores - the pacific provides the perfect backdrop for a wonderful water excursion. We would advise the famous Kaanapali Surf School, where the instructors are known for being extremely professional and encouraging for first timers. And Kaanapali's waves are gentle and consistent, making this a great entry level experience. Trust us when we say that there’s nothing like catching that first wave all on your own.

The best part? As an Island, Maui is surrounded by beautiful beaches and incandescent waves, a short trip from a variety of opulent, five-star vacation rentals. Emerald Kite has a carefully selected, yet luxurious list of Maui accommodations that will leave you spellbound and eager to book your next vacation rental. Check out our professionally owned and privately managed properties - meticulously hand-picked and designed to suit your every needs for an unforgettable Maui adventure.

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