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Luxury Maui beach homes and condos   The Maui vacation experience you are seeking will determine the best rental accommodation options for you and your family. Maui has hundreds of beautiful beach areas and our expert agents focus on first identifying the most suitable Maui beach location suitable for your family or group.  Our knowledgeable staff they will then recommend the finest vacation residences.  Why simply book a Maui vacation rental when you can book a  Emerald Kite luxury rental with exceptional service and the guarantee of a seamless and memorable vacation of a lifetime. 

View Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kahana, Wailea or Kihei  rentals or call our agent for assistance. 

Maui is the worlds number one vacation destination and home to some of the world’s finest eating establishments.  Local Maui cuisine presents an eclectic mix of French, Mexican, and Far Eastern delicacies presenting an exotic, flavorful fare.  Freshly caught sea food is at the very top of our Maui restaurants menus and our world class chefs compete to produce unique dishes inspiring even the most hard to please food critics. 

Emerald Kite has local agents that are expert at providing the best Maui vacation rental homes and beach condos. Our local, knowledgeable agents are familiar with the properties and their proximity to beaches, dining and the many activities available on Maui. Maui is a Island of over 700 square miles so where you elect to stay matters. If you are a snorkeler or have younger people in the party wanting calmer waters then this needs to be bought up with your agent. Paia offers surfers world class surfing waters and more casual dining and accommodations. Call your Emerald Kite agent today and ask about the best places to stay on Maui !

Best Paia Dining Guide

Paia is a quintessential little beach town on Mauis stunning North Shore attracting surfers and water lovers from all over the world. Most of the vacation rentals in the area are either large plantation homes or inexpensive rooms. Tat being said Emerald Kite has a selection of exceptional rental homes that get booked up fast.  What the town lacks in luxury accommodations it sure makes up for in exceptional dining establishments. Our culinary team took a week and ate at just about every restaurant in town (yes someone has that job but feel free to apply ) and we just cant say enough good things about the exceptional dining experience. This shabby chic surf town has come into its own and we just simply love it. 

Mamas Fish House

A visit to Paia (or Maui for that matter)  would not be complete without a visit to Mamas Fish House. Since 1973 this family owned, quintessential fish restaurant has attracted visitors from all over the world seeking world class Hawaiian seafood. Set on the beach overlooking the Pacific makes for as romantic a spot as you could wish for. The only thing that exceeds the panoramic views of the Pacific is the world class seafood all prepared Maui style. Located just a mile past Paia on the road to Hana this local establishment deserves a visit and Emerald Kite gives it the number 1 slot for must go to Maui dining.  A tip about getting a table. This world class beach front restaurant attracts visitors from all over the world and an early evening reservation may need to be reserved six weeks in advance. We love to visit Mamas and have figured out how to game the system! (but lets keep it a secret). Book a 4 pm table and when you arrive request a wait for a beachfront table!  Even though  you may wait a couple of hours the drinks, ambiance and complimentary appetizers at the bar make it a  more than pleasant wait. Mamas is not cheap in fact it will leave a hole in your wallet but we rate it as worth every penny!

Paia Fish Market

Come to magnificent Maui and head over to Paia Fishmarket where you will enjoy family style Maui dining without compromising your culinary expectations.We suggest that guests head back after a day at nearby Blue Tile or (magnificent) Baldwin Beach why not stop at the Paia Fishmarket. No need to dress up just grab a table and enjoy some of Maui's best seafood dinners.  Our choice? No question the Mahi Mahi or the Fish and Chips! Tip on dining here. Flip flops and dress down- this is a surfer dude dining establishment so fitting in means dressing down! 


Well Charleys is that surfer dude hangout in Paia and if you are a Paia regular then this North shore bar should not be missed. Every now and then a treat will include a impromptu concert with Willie Nelson crooning away and let me tell you that is a once in a lifetime experience.  Movie stars, jet set and the locals mingle and enjoy this local beach side pub. Now what to eat- heres the best tip in town.... The beef dip sandwiches have a kick and are to die for. If your in the mood for Fish and chips Charlies have the best with fresh local catch perfectly fried in golden batter. If you love British fish and chips charlies takes it to the next level!

Thai Spice.

The Emerald Kite vacation rental team were out exploring Paia and couldn't get in to see Willie Nelson play over the street at Charlies. Well while we missed Willie we just couldn't get over the quality of the Thai food at this little hole in the wall. We bought our own bottle (luckily a great little wine shop next door was open) and we had a blast. The Mossiman curry and chicken satay was a major hit. Price wise you cant get better and the quality of food we rated a five star. Great experience and highly recommended. 


Wolfgang Puck's Spago combines traditional Hawaiian culinary techniques with his international eclectic culinary mastery Enjoy an array of locally inspired dishes utilizing locally caught fish and organic grown produce. Spagos wide selection of International wines are as good as you will find in his New York, Paris and London establishments.  The interior boasts an eclectic Asian-inspired contemporary interior framing spectacular views of the Pacific coastline. 


For upscale Maui dining, vantage point views and a sophisticated yet soothing atmosphere then head to Merrimans.  Chef Merriman pioneered the farm to table concept where grass fed, locally caught and fresh local produce inspires the menu creation for that day.  Seductively set over looking the Pacific this jewel of a dining establishment attracts the more well heeled and discriminating guests. World class all the way!



If cant get into Mamas Fish House why not head over to nearby Haiku village and eat some of the best sushi that Maui has to offer. Nuka is located in a rather  unpretentious shack style building but upon entering you will be pleased with the modern decor and exceptional fresh sushi.  Dont blink or you'll miss this shack of a building and by the way no reservations are taken and there is not a bar to hang out at. That being said its well worth the wait- great menu, great cocktails and great atmosphere. Emerald Kite gives it a 9 out of 10 for sushi quality - A real local hangout!

Maui Shopping Guide

When in Maui one pastime not to skip is the shopping!  Our visitors strive to find the perfect souvenirs to take back home to friends and family.  From well know chain stores to the most exclusive designer stores,  Maui is truly a shoppers paradise. 

Maui Vacation

Maui is a large Island which takes many first visitors by surprise. The Island is magical in every way and we certainly suggest researching the history and topography before even setting off. Wikipedia provides the most wonderful and comprehensive summary of all this jewel of an Island has to offer, its rich history and culture is summarized just perfectly. Lets hope wonderful Wikipedia continues to obtain private and public funding. A jewel of a reference. If you are staying a while why not look at whats playing at the Maui arts and Cultural Center. For great information this New York Times article is one of my all times favorite articles, take a look all the information still holds true. 

Maui offers visitors an array of exceptional Maui exclusive activities including deep sea submarine rides and thrilling helicopter excursions. Even with a wealth of unique fun things to do the number one Maui activity remains our abundance of glorious world class beaches. Framed by the Pacific Maui does not have a "best beach" but offers a smorgasbord of golden sandy havens unmatched anywhere ! 

Maui Best Beach Guide

First time visitors to Maui are pleasantly surprised that driving to and parking at beaches is so easy. Unlike many Florida beaches where access is restricted to those fortunate enough to be staying on the beach and parking is hard to find this is not the case in Maui. Maui beaches are on every corner and free and easy parking is the norm. When renting your Maui accommodation it may be worth saving money by staying a walk from the beach or even a drive away. In England they say a pub and a church is on every corner and in Maui its a world class gem of a beach. 

Maui beaches remain diverse in terms of size, sand and suitability and vary widely in terms of providing safe snorkeling, diving, surfing and swimming options.  Emerald Kites local Maui Destination agents focus on understanding each visitors beach and location  requirements which must be considered an primary factor in selecting a suitable  Maui vacation rental. It would be a mistake to book a beautiful vacation villa overlooking the Pacific which ends up being situated near an unsuitable or none swimming beach. 

Those coming to Maui with young children may enjoy the shallow snorkeling and water activities at Baby Beach while those more robust surfer dudes can grab their board and head out to the North Shores Ho'okipa

Maui's North Shore Beaches:

For those active thrill seeking visitors Maui's North Shore Beaches are strategically dotted along the spectacularly rugged coastline from the breathtakingly beautiful Waihe'e Valley over to Kahana Beach Park. Please note that a few of these area beaches are somewhat remote and water sports in these areas are more compatible for athletic, strong swimmers and Maui locals. There are however some world class beaches ideal for families & children. Kahana Beach Park enjoys exceptional wind streams and is a boarding and windsurfing mecca. There are bathrooms and parking available and miles of unspoiled beach. On the Road to Hana  make a point of stopping off at Ho'okipa Beach Park which has to be one of Maui's most gloriously beautiful beaches. Even if you are not surfing come view swells in excess of 20ft or more! On milder days youngsters and more novice surfers enjoy practicing and returning home with their stories of surfing Ho'okipa!

Baby Beach, is situated between the quintessential towns of Pa'ia and Kahului. A natural reef shelf buffers the waves from the beach providing a calmer swimming and snorkelling environment popular with those who have babies and young children. Baldwin Beach Park, is a local favorite and an all round great beach with snorkelling and water activities. The beach has an abundance of parking and toilet facilities. For lunch head to the small village of Pa'ia for lunch at some of the best local dining establishments

Maui's South Shore Beaches

Maui's South Shore Beaches stretch for close to 10 miles and is home to around 20 of the worlds finest beaches. Wailea, Kihei and Makena are great locations with an array of local rental accommodations that will keep you located on or close to these spectacular beaches. Don't forget that the island of Molokina is easily accessible providing the ultimate in diving and snorkelling.  The wind drops the further south of the shore you are at so if your looking for more windsurfing spots then your accommodations could be best situated on the Northern end of the South Shore. For less windy beaches and focus on the best snorkelling beaches stay more south.

Kenolio Beach is often referred to as Sudas and offers a great vantage point for watching the Kihei Canoe Club welcome in the dawn with traditional Maui chant. Grab a morning coffee and head to Sudas but don't forget your camera. Kalama Park has very little in terms of beach but boasts a shallow reef and is a great place to rent surfboards and Kayaks without crowds. World Famous Kama'ole Park stretches along KIhei road and is comprised of not one but three beaches! These beaches have their own beach access points and parking as well as  life guard towers, plenty of bathrooms and showers. For those that want to spend the entire day at the beach without going back and forth to your villa this beach has it all. Keawekapu/Wailea is great for snorkelling and diving and is the beachfront for our world renowned Waileas high end resorts including the Maui Four Seasons. Lots of spectacular high end and casual restaurants are just a flip flop walk away. 

If you are visiting Maui to dive then Ulua/Mokapu Beach offers a terrific diving location and has a driveway that allows divers to drive to the dive area and drop off their gear. For those that prefer skim-boarding then Makena Beach which is considered one of Maui's largest beaches is the place to be. If vacationing au nauturale is a most then South Mauis Little beach offers optional clothing and is the only such beach on South Maui. 

We can't finish up sharing beaches in South Maui without presenting our darling Makena Cove- Without question a beautiful beach location and while small in size its beauty is mammoth and never ending. Many of Maui's beach weddings take place here and is without question one of the most romantic beach settings in the world. 

Maui Golf Courses

For golfers there is no better place on earth. Maui is home to 26 exceptional courses situated throughout Makena, Wailea, Kihei, Kapalua and Ka’anapali. Take a fishing boat or the local ferry over to the tiny Island of Lanai, which has two world-class championship courses including Experience at Koele.  Don’t forget before you leave make dinner reservations at the Lodge at Koele.

Best Maui Vacation Locations

Maui How to Get There

Emerald Kite receives calls from visitors from all over the world looking for the ultimate vacation rental homes and condos in Maui. The first item our agents are trained to discuss is their flight details and if our agents can assist with reserving flights we would be happy to do so.

 With a variety of airports to select from the nearest major airport is Kahului Airport (OGG / PHOG). This airport has a variety of international and domestic flights from Kahului, and is situated only 14 miles from the center of Maui. Kapalua-West Maui Airport (JHM / PHJH) has daily domestic flights from Lahaina, and is located 41 miles from Maui. For more information on flights to Maui please call our Emerald Kite destination agent who will be delighted to assist. 

During peak vacation week (and Maui is one of the worlds few year round destinations) it is always better to ensure that your accommodation is reserved prior to booking your flights. Our Emerald Kite agents are skilled at ensuring that the accommodation and flights are compatible.